Mufi-Lang with Ziggyness


Mufi-Lang is an experimental programming language developed using Zig and C. It is dynamic and object-oriented, with a primary goal of providing a platform that ensures memory safety and facilitates incremental improvement in functionality. Mufi-Lang is designed for general-purpose applications and offers developers a playground for experimentation while prioritizing robustness and versatility. Our vision for the future includes incorporating more mathematical aspects into the language and enhancing its applicability to diverse computational domains.

Core Languages


  • Modern, expressive syntax
  • Focus on safety and performance
  • Efficient memory management with comptime features
  • Easy cross-compilation
  • Build caching for faster compilation times


  • Suitable for compiler design due to its simplicity and low-level features.
  • Compilers built in C are highly portable across different platforms.
  • Efficient memory management and runtime performance are crucial for compiler tasks.
  • Standard libraries in C provide essential functionalities for compiler implementation.

Supported Targets

aarch64-windows aarch64-windows-gnu x86-windows-gnu x86_64-windows x86_64-windows-gnu
aarch64-linux-gnu aarch64-linux-musl aarch64-linux arm-linux-gnueabihf arm-linux-musleabihf mips64-linux-musl mips64el-linux-musl mipsel-linux-musl mips-linux-musl powerpc64-linux-gnu powerpc64-linux-musl powerpc64-linux powerpc-linux-musl powerpc-linux powerpc64le-linux-gnu powerpc64le-linux-musl powerpc64le-linux riscv64-linux-musl riscv64-linux x86_64-linux-gnu x86_64-linux-musl x86_64-linux x86-linux-gnu x86-linux-musl x86-linux
aarch64-macos x86_64-macos


0.1.0 Baloo Release

Status: Archived
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0.2.0 Zula Release

Status: Released*
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0.3.0 Iris Release

Status: Released*
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0.4.0 Voxl Release

Status: Released*
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0.5.0 Luna Release

Status: Released*
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0.6.0 Mars Release

Status: Latest
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0.7.0 Jade Release

Status: In Progress
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